Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for the Backyard Chef

Homemade pizza is among the most significant obstacles for any home cook, and with excellent factor. Unless you possess the power of a magical pizza stone, making the ideal pie in your home can be discouraging and time-consuming. With a growing number of portable pizza ovens offered, the prospect of making pizza at home is less difficult than previously. One oven getting a fair bit of buzz– and the best one we’ve checked– is the Ooni Koda outdoor pizza oven.

About the Ooni Koda

The Ooni Koda is a portable restaurant-grade pizza oven that is designed to bring the power of expert pizza ovens to your yard, with the capability to reach temperature levels as much as 950ºF. The Ooni Koda, a gas oven, costs around $469, with other models available as well as accessories.

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

Getting it Setup

Setting up the Ooni Koda is quite simple: attach the gas burner to the bottom of the oven, connect the pipe to a tank of gas, and fire up the oven with the turn of a dial. The user manual advises letting the Ooni pre-heat for 15-20 minutes in order for the built-in pizza stone flooring to heat correctly, permitting a rapidly cooked crust.

According to Ooni, the Ooni Koda is so effective that it can prepare a Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds.

The Pros

I can state that the Ooni Koda is truly a restaurant-quality oven that made me feel like an experienced pizzaiolo, as it is very easy to use.

It’s likewise worth pointing out that aside from being a well-crafted device, the Ooni Koda is simply enjoyable to utilize. Slinging fresh pizza for my friends and family (who graciously let me turn their yard into an outside kitchen) was such a welcome disruption to my normal quarantine cooking routine. With the Koda, it’s hard to withstand the idea of having an at-home pizza party every weekend.

Another tester discovered the Ooni Koda to be extraordinary when cooking pizza in a cast-iron pan. Her 12-inch frying pan fits nicely, with the handle hanging out the door for easy access, and within 15 minutes the pan was at 600 ° F.

The Cons

Ooni claims that the Koda can prepare a pizza in a minute but I didn’t find that to be exactly true; it took a minimum of 2 minutes for each of my pizzas to come out with nicely melted cheese and crispy crust. Nevertheless, another tester in a different setting had the ability to prepare Neapolitan pizza in less than 90 seconds, and the exposed flames produced a great char on the crust.

The Koda likewise doesn’t appear rather as portable as it declares to be. While the oven itself weighs just over 20 lbs., the need of an external gas tank includes yet another 20 pounds.

Another barrier to mobility is the Ooni Koda’s need for considerable cool-down time. Though the high-powered oven has a heatproof silicone coat over top to prevent burns, the bottom of the oven is exposed, indicating it takes numerous hours for the stainless-steel underside to cool enough for safe storage.

What We Think

The Ooni Koda is a remarkably powerful mini-oven that would be a welcome addition to the back deck of any outdoor cooking lover’s lawn. With a $469 price, the Koda comes in a bit cheaper than other pizza ovens of the same quality. We really like this oven and would recommend it to anyone.