Smart Appliances: Efficiency in Everything

smart appliances

When they tell you that the Internet of Things ( IoT ) is in, it is difficult to know what they are talking about. It’s not that complicated: among other things they talk about smart appliances that can make your life more comfortable.

It all begins in 1691 when the Industrial Revolution had not yet arrived. That year the first machine for washing clothes was patented, a rudimentary device that was the starting gun in the modernization of the home. As time went by, more and more inventions found their way into homes. And with the advent of electricity, they began to be called household appliances. 

The goal hasn’t changed since 1691: make tedious tasks faster, easier, and more secure. In short: ask efficiency to move in with you. 

The great Internet revolution that has accompanied us for the last 20 years had barely touched home appliances, which were still more or less the same as those of our parents and even our grandparents. Yes, of course, their energy efficiency has made giant leaps and they have undergone aesthetic improvements, but until recently a washing machine or a refrigerator was not very different from those of decades ago.    

But the Internet of Things is not just any thing and it is affecting household appliances a lot. If we had to summarize in two points what the change consists of, we would do it like this:  

Now household appliances are connected to the Internet: you can communicate with them remotely, from anywhere with a connection (your mobile, a computer …). They will inform you of how they are working and you can give them orders.

Now the appliances anticipate your needs: it is no longer that something boring (for example: washing clothes) can be done faster. That phase is over. Now it is about the washing machine detecting the texture and colors of your laundry and choosing the best washing program without you having to worry about anything. 

Smart refrigerators

Smart refrigerators have bluetooth and wifi to be able to be synchronized with other devices on the network.

Things they can do for you:

  • The refrigerator has a chamber inside. Through a mobile app, you can connect and check from the supermarket (or from anywhere) if you lack milk or if you don’t need to buy eggs.
  • You can control the temperature, activate the freezing or quick cooling functions … and all this without having to open the door. These functions are possible thanks to an external screen on the fridge door.
  • Some models have virtual assistants with whom we can communicate through voice. If you don’t have time to do the shopping, the fridge will do it for you as long as you schedule the task.  
  • Notification in the event of any type of failure in the device. Thanks to remote diagnosis, the technician can know the problem without having to go to your home.

The Smart Washing Machine

In addition to being smart, the new generation of washing machines is eco-efficient. They carry out more optimized washes to achieve less environmental impact.

Things they can do for you:

  • They can choose the appropriate program for each type of piece according to the color, the fabric or the degree of dirt. Save water and energy thanks to shorter programs.
  • In addition to the fact that consumption is lower, their washing systems have more care for the clothes and allow the fabrics to be in perfect condition for longer.
  • Some models have sensors that scan the clothes and, depending on the program, adjust the movements of the drum so that the laundry is impeccable.
  • Through an application that is downloaded to your mobile, you can control the tasks that the machine performs and you can also receive notifications about the washing process.
  • As with refrigerators, some models of washing machines can self-diagnose potential problems.

Smart Microwave

In a similar way to other smart appliances, microwaves can be connected to other devices in the home.

Things they can do for you:

  • Suggest recipes with the foods you have available at home.
  • You scan the barcode of a food through your mobile and the microwave will receive information on the proper way of cooking.
  • Some newer models incorporate voice control technologies that allow users to satisfy their cooking needs quickly and conveniently. Through commands, the device is indicated the power, the time, or the moment when it should be switched off. Many also have a lock function that prevents accidents with the little ones in the house.

The Coffee Maker, Also Smart

Through Wi-Fi, users can control all the functions of the smart coffee machines. It is now possible to have a fresh coffee as soon as you get out of bed. You just have to download an app on your mobile and schedule the preparation time.

Things they can do for you:

  • From anywhere you can program the coffee preparation time through your mobile.
  • Some models incorporate an alarm clock that alerts you while coffee is being prepared.
  • The devices compatible with Amazon Alexa, in addition to determining the time of preparation, allow you to control other aspects such as the temperature of the water or the amount of coffee you want.   
  • There are models designed to fully infuse all the grounds so that a more intense flavor is guaranteed.
  • They keep coffee at an ideal temperature for hours.

Food Processor and Shopping List

In addition to saving time, they provide multiple functions that will make your food healthier. Some even incorporate an intelligent system of calorific power that allows controlling the graduation of the temperature in 10 levels.

Things they can do for you:

  • Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, some of these devices can update recipes periodically.
  • Choose the weekly menus and send the user the shopping list to the mobile.
  • They have intelligent temperature control that prevents food from sticking or burning.
  • Some models allow you to prepare several dishes at the same time.