Smart Appliances, Explained

smart appliances

Start enjoying a fully connected home thanks to the use of smart appliances. Today from Smarter Kitchen Tools we tell you all about smart devices and appliances. Undoubtedly, with these types of large household appliances, you can enjoy total control of your home from your mobile phone or your tablet.      

What are smart appliances?

These types of large and small appliances have home automation systems, so they provide us with an automatic and intelligent system of operation. In addition, smart kitchen appliances allow us to establish total communication between the user and the appliance.    

In case you are wondering how these appliances work, they do so thanks to the internet connection and applications designed by each of the manufacturers. In this way, the user is allowed full control of the appliance through an application installed on the mobile phone, tablet or other type of mobile device. These applications offer the user control of the functions, knowledge of the status and even adjust the operation of the appliance in a personalized way. 

Without a doubt, they have the best automatic systems that allow us to enjoy greater comfort when adjusting the operation of our kitchen appliances. 

There are many advantages that these types of appliances offer us, among them we can highlight the security they offer us. Well, these models of connected appliances guarantee us a remote control with which to know any type of failure of the device or even any security problem. This ensures that the appliance has a longer useful life. 

On the other hand, they have high efficiency as they are capable of optimizing their performance at all times. In this way they guarantee a much lower electricity consumption while offering maximum operating performance.

Another of its great advantages is that it offers us remote monitoring with which we can control the operation and maintenance of household appliances.

Types of smart appliances

In today’s market we can find all kinds of large and small smart appliances. The best brands such as LG, Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, and Whirlpool have designed all kinds of smart appliances with which to enjoy maximum comfort.      

You will be able to find smart washers and dryers with which to enjoy an automatic garment cleaning cycle, smart refrigerators that will maintain the perfect climate environment for preserving food, smart ovens and hobs with which to cook countless recipes … In short, You can find all kinds of smart appliances with which to enjoy more facilities in your kitchen.      

Best smart appliances

You can choose from a wide variety of smart devices and appliances at all price levels. You should only buy the appliances that best fit your budget and especially your needs. Therefore, we recommend some of the best models so that you can enjoy greater comfort in your kitchen. 

The LG GBB62PZFFN combi refrigerator allows us to control it through the SmartThinQ application. So through your smartphone you can control the temperature, the freezing functions, activate the Pure N Fresh filter … as well as the activation of any of its functions. Thanks to its various state-of-the-art systems, food will stay fresh and in perfect condition for much longer. For example, with its NatureFresh system, the climate level will be controlled at all times, in addition, a constant temperature will be maintained thanks to the Inverter Linear Cooling compressor. With LG smart appliances you can enjoy the latest technology on the market.   

If you are interested in a good oven with which to enjoy quick and easy cooking, you should undoubtedly know the Siemens HR578G5S6 multifunction oven . At all times we can control its operation through the Siemens Home Connect app. In addition, thanks to its multitude of functions you can cook all kinds of recipes. Start enjoying food that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside thanks to the pulseSteam steam boost. Likewise, with the cookControl it offers us 30 automatic programs with which to obtain the exact cooking point of the food. It even has pyrolytic automatic cleaning so this oven guarantees total comfort when cooking. Thanks to smart Siemens appliances, you won’t need to know how to cook to make professional culinary recipes. 

Finally, if you are interested in keeping your clothes clean and neat, you only need to know the Bosch WAU28PH1ES front-loading washing machine . Through the home Connect app you will be able to find out the most suitable program depending on the garments entered. You only have to include information about your laundry and it will automatically recommend the program that best suits the garments introduced. Also, this i-DOS washing machine has automatic programs with which you will not have to worry about anything. This type of program adjusts the wash cycle according to the load, the type of fabric and the degree of dirt detected. It even has automatic detergent and softener dosing, so the right amount is guaranteed for each of the cycles. So thanks to the automatic programs and automatic dosing of this Bosch washing machine, you won’t have to worry about anything to enjoy neat and stain-free clothes.